New York Jets Tickets – No Need To Panic For Jets

New York Jets Tickets – No Need To Panic For Jets
No, Jets fans, the sky is not falling. Rex Ryan isn’t a charlatan. Mark Sanchez is not a bum. The reality is that the Baltimore Ravens are a pretty good team, one of the best in the league, and the Jets lost a tough battle by a measly point in their week one matchup. While this has sent the media covering the Jets into a freefall of criticism, it’s far too early to panic. Though the Jets clearly need to find a way to throw the ball down the field considerably better, they’ll have plenty of opportunities to do just that against teams without the talent of the Ravens. The Jets still have 15 games to prove themselves and with a Super Bowl caliber defense behind him, Mark Sanchez is still in a great position to succeed. All those suddenly calling for Mark Brunell to start at QB, relax.

Clearly a lot of the backlash following the Jets’ opening weekend loss to the Ravens was the enormous expectation that surrounded the team heading into the opener. The Jets were everywhere in the offseason, from HBO’s “Hard Knocks” to the Darrelle Revis contract dispute. By the time the Jets hit the field in the opener, Mark Sanchez had already been anointed the savoir of the franchise and the always entertaining and boisterous head coach Rex Ryan had suddenly ascended to becoming one of the top coaches in the league. Adding to the fire was a brand new stadium that the Jets were playing in for the first time. The Jets weren’t just expected to win the game; a win was demanded.

What fans need to remember, however, is that Sanchez is still a very young quarterback and even Ryan is new to being a head coach. Though Sanchez made tremendous strides in the playoffs last year, he still has a lot to learn about the NFL position. Against the Ravens, a team that shut down Tom Brady and the Patriots last postseason, Sanchez looked outmatched – the same way that many quarterbacks in the league would have been. Though 74 yards of passing obviously isn’t going to get the job done in the NFL, Sanchez also didn’t turn the ball over either, which is something he did only a couple times in 2009. The passing attack still has a long ways to go but Sanchez has proven capable of bouncing back after a rough game in the past.

The other bright spot that Jets fans should cling to is that their defense looks every bit as good as advertised. Going up against one of the most complete offenses in the league, the Jets looked ferocious, causing the Ravens to scuffle at various parts of the game. Only a horde of pass interference calls got the ball moving at all for Baltimore and the Jets proved capable of shutting down Ray Rice, one of the best backs in the league. With that kind of defense, one that sells plenty of New York Jets tickets, teams will have a very hard time putting the Jets away.

Of course, one team that could do that anyway is their second week opponent, the New England Patriots. The Pats come off a stomping of the Bengals in Week One and will be looking to take a full two-game lead on the Jets in Week Two. But even though the Pats have a marquee offense, they also have some issues in their defense, particularly in their secondary. With more time to throw the ball than he had against the Ravens, Sanchez should have some opportunities to find his targets down the field.

And if the negative criticism following the week one loss was any indication, the Jets better have a strong showing at home against the Pats, particularly Sanchez. The Jets need to get a win in at least one of their first two home games before they start a very tough portion of their schedule that includes a road game against the Dolphins and a home matchup versus the Vikings. For now, the Jets have no reason to suddenly panic, but they do need to show some improvement offensively fairly soon to avoid the wrath of the Jets nation — and of Rex Ryan.

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